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We understand that cleaning is important for people, and they make all the effort that they can afford… But, no one is totally satisfied from their regular domestic helpers, and it is not justified to expect professional cleaning from them… Another problem is that the professional and mechanized housekeeping service is too expensive to afford… By understanding these problems we designed a low price package for domestic and small commercial premises, where they can contact us for one-time deep-cleaning. Even Restaurants and shops also can contact us for customized and one time cleaning package.

Domestic Housekeeping Checklist

Cleaning Service

  • Row House Interior and Exterior Cleaning
  • Flat Cleaning in Pune
  • Society Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Corporate Housekeeping Service in Maharashtra
  • Factory Cleaning Services in all MIDC areas of Maharashtra
  • Cleaning Services for Birthday and Marriage Parties
  • Cleaning Services for Public Events

When we say total housekeeping solution, that means total, starting from you’re welcome door to your ceiling fan and tube-light area. We are professionals, so cleaning of every corner of your premises is important for us. Our cleaning team checks the every corner of your home, including the slider gaps of your window. So, you just need to sit relax during the cleaning task, and within a few hours you will find a new look of your neat and tidy area.

Toilet and Bathroom Cleaning Service

This service is a part of our total housekeeping solution, in which use our heavy-duty machines and effective stain removal chemicals to sanitize the bathroom and toilet. So call us to remove bad-order and stain free bathroom and toilet.

Deep Cleaning service…

Yearly / Half-yearly / One-Time
cleaning packages

One Time Home Cleaning in Pune

We also provide yearly packages to the restaurants, corporate and house owners, in which we can clean their domestic or commercial area throughout the year… In addition, the frequency of service ( one-time, two-time or all days of month) is also adjustable and customizable… Yearly packages are economic too, as we offers huge discount (up to 15% on yearly packages)

Domestic Cleaning Service in Pune

Professional Cleaning Services

Deep Home cleaning service for 1BHK / 2BHK / 3BHK FLATS and Independent Bungalows. For independent houses and flats, we are providing total sanitation solution. We understand that it is not economical to use professional cleaning service for your home every day, and also there is no such need actually... Thus we provide one time deep-cleaning solutions to flat owners and domestic societies... So that they can enjoy dust and stain free living solutions in Pune. And if the society is posh and ready to afford professional housekeeping service, then we are also ready to provide them such cleaning solutions, including water tank cleaning services.

Kitchen Cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning

We understand the importance of hygiene for any restaurant, especially in kitchen area... as well, the dining area. So, now we are ready with our customized deep cleaning solutions for restaurants of Pune, where we are providing affordable weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual packages. Restaurant owners or decision makers can contact our team for customized housekeeping quote for their restaurants.

Facade Cleaning Service


Corporates and Domestic premises have a need of glass-cleaning services too, and we are offering such solutions also. So now no need to worry about any stain on your outer or inner glasses of your window, because we are ready to take care of them completely. Our team is experienced enough to provide facade cleaning services in Pune city.